The impending New Year always makes me reflective and introspective. A little nostalgic, a little excited for a fresh start. What about you?

2018 has been a year of complicated feelings. There has been so much hope mingled with such devastating disappointment. Happiness colored by heartache. But the thing that this year, this season of my life has truly taught me is that despite feeling like I am lacking, I am not without.

Finding abundance in this season is nothing short of a miracle.

But here I am truly believing that I have more than enough. Thirty-two cycles, more than two years of trying, five failed fertility treatments… no baby. My arms are still empty, but my heart is full because I have been so abundantly blessed.

I am stepping into 2019 with purpose. Knowing who I am, and more importantly, who’s I am.

And I clearly have my word for 2019 (and beyond)! Every year I like to pick a word to focus on. It’s not something random, but a word that makes itself very clear in the months before the new year.

Abundance has been whispering to me for months now. I even got it tattooed to my wrist! (My mom and I went together. It’s her handwriting and so very special to me.) I am not lacking. I have more than enough. For me, to share. Even while I am waiting for a baby. I have enough. And I am choosing to live life to the full the way that Jesus offered it to me.

I am overjoyed to step into 2019 feeling gratitude for this abundant life of mine.

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