One Year

One Year.

One whole year since my doctor pronounced us infertile and changed our world forever.

Two years of hoping and trying for a baby.

27 cycles.

5 rounds of IUI.

Months of various medications.

At least a dozen self administered shots.

A ridiculous amount of at home ovulation and pregnancy tests.

Too many uncomfortable doctor visits, ultrasounds, and blood tests.

Countless tears, wishes, why me’s?, and prayers.


We still don’t have a baby.

But you know what… we are still here.

We are still standing, still moving forward, still holding each other up, still trusting, still hoping.

There have been days on this journey that I have thought that it’s just too hard. I don’t know how I can take another step because it’s just too painful and too scary. But there is no other choice. Letting fear win is not an option. Infertility has made me a warrior, and as we step into this next year of the unknown, I’m going to act like it.

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