The Best Month 


I’m not afraid to say it. It’s the best month of the whole flippin’ year!

There is just something magical about autumn. I read once that in the fall you can feel the ghost of change in the air… there is something so intoxicating about that, isn’t there? I crave that feeling all year long. I wait for October like a puppy waits for their favorite human to come home.

Fall makes me feel like I’ve come home to myself. It makes me feel most alive.

Maybe I’m a little biased because I was born in October, and I happen to really like celebrating my birthday. But also, Halloween is in October, and I happen to really like Halloween. And maybe it’s because as a kid those two things sort of became synonymous because I would get to celebrate my birthday just five days before I got to dress up and go trick or treating. We are talking birthday parties, fall festivals, costumes, haunted houses, late nights, time with friends, and so much sugar. It was always a whole event! I mean, that is an awful lot of awesome to look forward to in one month. Plus, everyone else is excited and having fun too. It just makes you feel good. And special. Doesn’t celebrating just feel fantastic?

I am turning a peculiar age this year, and I am determined to feel good and celebrate it anyway! I will be 29 this month. Like, real, actual 29. For the first time. And I’ve just felt weird about it! Many of my friends have heard me say that 29 feels pointless, like I might as well just be 30. It doesn’t feel like a real age. So, I’m trying to change the way I feel about it. After all, it’s another year to live out this precious life, and there is incredible value in that.

So, here I am. A woman who is an actor in Los Angeles admitting her age. (*gasp*) I am admitting it because I am trying to own,  love, and celebrate every part of myself. I am (almost) 29!! And it’s going to be a killer year! You heard it here first. 😉

To help celebrate I am focusing on doing more of what I love. I’ve decided that my 30 Day Challenge for October – The Best Month – is going to take me back to one of my first loves, singing.

If you met me after 2008, you might not know that for most of my life I would have considered myself a singer before an actor. Singing has always been such a joy and release for me. But I haven’t done much of it in recent years (other than in the car and shower), and I feel like it’s something I’m missing. I dream of getting back on stage for a musical again one of these days, but I have to start somewhere. So, I’m starting with 30 days. 30 days where I have to sing at least one whole song each day. Maybe I’ll even share a little bit on my instagram for accountability, if you’d care to follow along (@JoannaHackman).

Any requests? 😉 (I’m thinking Dream Roles, Roles I’ve Played, Roles I’ll Never Play…)

Do more of what you love this month! Life is worth celebrating. ❤️ 

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