(She really does!)

Welcome to Actor & Adventurer.
Hiya! I’m Joanna, and I’m an actor who likes adventures. 💁🏻

Slate. That’s what actors are asked to do at the top of their audition. State your name to the camera, share any information casting is looking for, and (most importantly) show some personality so they know who you are!

Well, here we are at the top of my audition with all of you. So, who am I? Truthfully, my ABOUT page probably says it best. What is Actor & Adventurer? It’s what comes to mind when I want to describe myself, my best version of me. A few years ago I came up with a cutesy little bio (with alliteration, my favorite) that went on all of my social media. The first part of it? Actor & Adventurer. It’s stuck with me, and I love it. So, when I recently found myself in this new chapter of my life (more on that later), I desperately wanted a new place to write. Now here we are! I imagine this will be an exploration of positivity, the tough stuff, and everything in between. It’s a place to share thoughts, ideas, and stories. Telling stories is my favorite thing – as an actor, a writer, a human. I think sharing stories is how we best connect with other people. And, some of the greatest stories come from incredible adventures, don’t you think? I am all about discovering places I’ve never been, trying new things, connecting with strangers who become friends, and experiencing all this wonderful and wild life has to offer.

Sharing those experiences is what this brand spanking new* blog is all about! I can’t wait to share my adventures and stories with you. I hope to hear some of yours along the way. 💚

How’d I do? I hope I at least got the call back!


*(If you want to see where my adventures in blogging began, you can check out

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